Are you considering building a new facility, renovating an existing building, or relocating your practice or office to an existing facility?

We have the experience and deep knowledge not found in generalized architecture or design firms.


  • Are doctors spending too much time walking?
  • Are patients spending too much time waiting?
  • Is staff spending too much time moving patients and coordinating records?

We will work with you to get a clear understanding of your specific needs which will allow us to better understand how your practice can flow most efficiently. By taking into consideration each doctor’s unique style, staffing requirements and patient flow, your space plan will be fully customized to help increase efficiencies and your revenue potential.

Planning for your medical space includes the creation of a volumetric flow diagram, organization diagram, and a schematic plan. When your plan is completed and approved, we will continue working together  to further refine the plans for submittal to city agencies. With our unique experience and knowledge, we seamlessly move through the next steps in design and development and onto construction documents.

An outstanding design begins with your needs in mind. Once we have worked with you to create your unique space plan, the next step is to design and develop your building’s additional design including engineering requirements, elevations, aesthetics and more.