October 6, 2021 in Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse project reimagines Koreatown landmark as independent living oasis

One of L.A.’s most iconic sites is now the focus of an upcoming adaptive reuse project led by Varisco Design Build Group. Once an L.A. landmark, the former Shriners Hospital building’s newly reimagined look will be facilitated by 147,000 square feet of tenant improvements and an effective repurposing of the space into senior living and medical offices. 

This blend of residential and medical units, both with outstanding amenities, demonstrates VDBG’s unique and diverse range of abilities and applied understanding of different spaces. The project’s innovative design and sustainability efforts also include features such as solar-powered parking lifts to serve as traffic and parking solutions, as well as a spacious rooftop overlooking the city.

In line with the more modern and current design trends of downtown L.A., the rooftop will elevate the facility’s new look and will appeal to healthcare providers, patients, and the community without overshadowing or detracting from the original building’s significance and structural design.

With the goals of preserving part of the historic Shriners structure in mind, the project plan entails maintaining the iconic 1950s red brick façade and developing the independent living and medical office spaces on the upper and lower floors respectively. 

Other design elements, like the light and airy contemporary design for the building’s interior, can be accredited to Robert Varisco and his team’s aesthetic aim of avoiding the “clinical” atmosphere typically associated with medical facilities. The development of the independent living units aligns particularly with the client’s goal for the adaptive reuse of this notable building and will showcase the group’s construction and design concept for modern residential spaces that are still functional.

VDBG’s thoroughness and expertise make certain all aspects of the project plan and the facility’s features will be built to the relevant OSHPD requirements and certifications. The project’s comprehensive up-to-date design, including the uplifting tone of the interior, will give the facility a refreshing feel guaranteed for a more-than satisfactory work and living environment.

Based in Irvine, VDBG brings over 30 years of experience in both the healthcare and commercial sectors, offering thoughtful architectural design, construction, conversion, and rebrand solutions. The firm specializes in several different types of projects and is particularly accomplished in adaptive reuse, tenant improvement, and mixed-use projects.

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