At Varisco Design Build Group, our expertise in dental clinic design seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic sophistication. Our team of skilled architects and designers deeply understands the unique demands of dental practices, and we are dedicated to crafting spaces that not only enhance the patient experience but also optimize workflow efficiency. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of room designs tailored to meet the specific needs of any dental practice.

Closed Room Designs

Our Closed Room designs are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal privacy and efficiency, catering to a variety of spatial and functional requirements within dental clinics. Each model is thoughtfully designed to enhance both the aesthetic and operational aspects of dental practices.
  • Compact Closed Room 10X12: This model maximizes space efficiently, making it ideal for smaller clinics without compromising on essential functionalities or comfort.
  • Strategically Arranged Closed Room 9×12: Available with cabinet placement on either the left or right side, this design offers flexibility in layout planning, allowing for a custom fit that improves workflow and ergonomics within the clinic.
  • Spacious Closed Room 12×12: Designed for practices requiring more room, this model accommodates larger equipment and increased patient traffic, providing comfort without sacrificing the private atmosphere of a closed room setting.

Closed Room Design 10×12

In the compact dimensions of a 10×12 closed room, Varisco Design Build Group masterfully maximizes space without compromising functionality. This design meticulously allocates every square inch to accommodate top-tier dental equipment and technology, ensuring optimal workflow and enhancing patient comfort. The strategic layout promotes an efficient movement pattern for dental professionals while maintaining a calm and uncluttered patient environment. This room is not just a workspace but a carefully engineered area designed to elevate the efficiency and aesthetics of dental practices.

Closed Room 9×12 – Cabinet Left

In the constrained space of a 9×12 closed room, strategic placement of cabinetry is crucial for maximizing efficiency and functionality. Varisco Design Build Group excels in such precision design challenges. This layout features cabinets thoughtfully positioned on the left side, enabling easy access and optimal use of space. This arrangement not only enhances workflow but also preserves the room’s sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. The left-side cabinet design is a testament to Varisco’s commitment to creating highly functional, elegant dental environments that cater to both practitioner needs and patient comfort.

Closed Room 9×12 with Right-Side Cabinet

 Building on the strengths of our optimized designs, the Closed Room 9×12 with a right-side cabinet placement mirrors the meticulous efficiency of its counterpart. By strategically situating the cabinets on the right, Varisco Design Build Group enhances accessibility and streamlines workflow, crucial for high-functioning dental environments. This configuration leverages symmetry to not only maximize the use of space but also to improve the overall functionality and comfort within the room. It is an exemplar of how thoughtful design can transform a standard space into a highly efficient and productive dental setting.

Closed Room 12×12

The Closed Room 12×12 exemplifies Varisco Design Build Group’s commitment to combining expansive space with meticulous design. This model is crafted to deliver unparalleled efficiency and comfort, essential for modern dental practices. Every element within this 12×12 space is thoughtfully curated to optimize operational efficacy while maintaining a serene atmosphere conducive to patient relaxation. The strategic arrangement of dental equipment and furniture enhances workflow, ensuring smooth transitions and interactions. This design not only meets the practical demands of dental procedures but also elevates the patient experience, making it a premier choice for practices looking to blend functionality with patient-centered care.

Quiet Room Designs

Our Quiet Room designs epitomize the pinnacle of tranquility and functional elegance in dental clinic layouts. These rooms are specially conceived to provide a peaceful environment that significantly reduces stress for both patients and dental staff. Our Quiet Room configurations are available in two distinct layouts, each tailored to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • Quiet Room 12×13 – 12 O’clock Cabinet: This design features a central cabinet positioned at the 12 o’clock location relative to the patient chair, optimizing access to tools and equipment directly behind the treatment area. This setup enhances operational fluidity and minimizes unnecessary movement, preserving the calmness of the environment.
  • Quiet Room 12×13 – 12 O’clock & Side Cabinet: Building on the foundational features of the 12 o’clock cabinet design, this variation includes an additional side cabinet. This extension provides extra storage and accessibility, further streamlining workflow while maintaining the serene ambiance essential to the Quiet Room concept. The added cabinet also allows for better organization of supplies and equipment, which contributes to a smoother, more efficient procedural flow.

Quiet Room 12×13 – 12 O’Clock Cabinet

The 12×13 quiet room, featuring a strategic 12 o’clock cabinet placement, serves as a sanctuary for patients seeking solace during their dental procedures. Positioned directly behind the patient chair, the cabinet enhances operational efficiency by minimizing movement and noise, thus preserving the serene atmosphere essential for a calming experience. This layout not only improves functionality but also provides a private and tranquil space, prioritizing patient comfort and relaxation during treatments.

Quiet Room 12×13 with 12 O’Clock & Side Cabinet

Building on the tranquil oasis of our quiet room concept, the Quiet Room 12×13 design now includes an additional side cabinet, enhancing both functionality and storage capacity. This holistic approach not only maximizes the room’s organizational efficiency but also contributes to a serene ambiance that fosters patient relaxation. The strategic placement of the 12 o’clock cabinet, complemented by the side cabinet, ensures all necessary tools are readily accessible, further smoothing the workflow and maintaining the calm essential for patient-centric dental care.

Open Bay Designs

Varisco Design Build Group’s Open Bay designs redefine the traditional dental clinic layout with an emphasis on openness and collaborative efficiency. These spacious 20×12 layouts are designed to facilitate interaction and enhance the dental practice’s operational dynamics, making them ideal for clinics that handle a high volume of patients or educational settings.
  • Open Bay 20×12 – Common Center Cabinet: This layout features a common center cabinet accessible from multiple treatment stations. It fosters a collaborative environment where tools and resources are easily shared, enhancing the efficiency of dental procedures and promoting a more dynamic and interactive workspace.
  • Open Bay 20×12 – Individual Center Cabinets: Tailored for practices prioritizing individualized patient care within an open setting, this design incorporates separate center cabinets for each station. This allows for personalized storage and organization while maintaining the airy, open feel of the bay. It’s perfect for ensuring each dental professional can operate independently yet within a cohesive clinic layout.

Open Bay 20×12 with Common Center Cabinet

The Open Bay 20×12 design epitomizes the spirit of collaboration within the modern dental clinic. Adorned with a centrally positioned common cabinet, this layout facilitates teamwork and synergy among dental practitioners. Each workstation, while individualized, benefits from shared access to essential tools and resources housed in the common cabinet. This configuration not only enhances efficiency but also promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques among professionals. The design supports a harmonious workflow, ensuring that each practitioner can contribute to patient care while benefiting from the collective resources of the clinic.

Open Bay 20×12 with Individual Center Cabinets

The Open Bay 20×12 design uniquely balances individuality and collaboration within the dental clinic. Featuring individual center cabinets at each workstation, this layout allows practitioners to customize their spaces according to their specific needs and preferences. While each professional enjoys a personalized setup, the open bay framework maintains a sense of community and belonging among the team. This approach not only optimizes personal efficiency but also reinforces the clinic’s cohesive atmosphere, fostering a supportive and interactive environment where each practitioner can thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work closely with clients to understand their distinct needs and preferences, and our team of skilled architects and designers customizes each design to match their goals and vision. Whether it’s incorporating specific equipment, layout preferences, or branding elements, we ensure that each design aspect aligns with the client’s requirements and expectations.


Our commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and design-build approach set us apart from other dental clinic design firms. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we combine creativity with technical expertise to deliver cutting-edge design solutions that surpass client expectations. From conceptualization to completion, our comprehensive approach ensures that every project is executed with accuracy and excellence, setting us apart as leaders in the field.

Our expertise extends beyond just this realm. We have a diverse portfolio of healthcare facilities, commercial, mixed-use, and apartment complex projects. Our approach allows us to leverage our expertise across various sectors, providing clients with comprehensive design-build solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We optimize workflow efficiency in our clinic designs through strategic space planning and ergonomic layouts. We integrate cutting-edge technology and innovative design solutions to enhance operational efficiency further, ensuring that every aspect of the clinic’s workflow is optimized for maximum productivity and effectiveness.

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Varisco Design Build Group‘s prowess in dental clinic design transcends mere functionality, elevating the patient experience to unprecedented heights. Through a harmonious blend of efficiency, tranquility, and collaboration, we redefine the dental clinic design paradigm, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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