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In the world of hospitality, first-impressions make a difference, and our dedicated team of experts have the skills and expertise to take your hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality-related conversions to that next level. We’ll help set the tone for your customers’ experience and bring your vision to life through functional, impactful, and memorable design.

We design “out of the box” future hotels

VDBG specializes in adaptive reuse and mixed-use space projects. New Construction and Conversion projects involve reimagining and even combining several types of spaces such as retail, gift shops, apartment-style spaces, or developing coworking concepts. With our level expertise, you can be assured that we’ll deliver design solutions that transform and revitalize your existing space, or create a functional, vibrant mixed-use space your guests will love and that exceeds your expectations. Hotels and other hospitality-related businesses must maintain pace with the next generation traveler, so whether you want to emphasize design, gastronomy, or your relaxing and therapeutic spa services, we’ll always deliver.

The latest trends in hotel design emphasize art, distinctiveness, and a true sense of community. We offer designs for exterior features and amenities that echo the destinations and your business’ character. We go beyond just basic amenities and design features and provide designs that are current, drive uniqueness, dynamic, and guaranteed to satisfy. At times the space itself is what drives uniqueness, with creative lobby designs or public areas that completely transport you from your current environment or state of mind. Whatever your goals are, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Pandemics & Risk Mitigation

The global pandemic has had undeniable impacts on industry and business. We’ve taken the steps to make sure there have been no disruptions to our supply chain, business operations, and our supply sourcing methodology. Additionally, we’ve taken necessary precautions to mitigate any potential risks to our clients and employees during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting effects on every aspect of our lives, and we personally understand its impact on businesses. As you return to welcoming your guests, we will help to create and reimagine your space into an environment that is a safe, clean, home-away-from-home oasis for your customers. We also provide functional renovations to common areas such as lobbies, gyms, and food halls to help implement COVID-19 protocols while offering flow efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Brand Identity & Interior Design

In an effort to create a sense of community, branding, and a true ambiance your guests feel welcomed and immersed in through interior design, our talented design team will put together a space that honors and reflects your brand and aesthetic goals. From shared social spaces such as lobby areas, workspaces, and game rooms to private guest rooms, we’ll ensure your space’s interior embodies your brand, no matter the style or aesthetic.

Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Eclectic, Minimalist, Mid Century, Bohemian, Shabby Chic, Coastal, Hollywood glam, Southwestern, Rustic, Industrial, French Country, Mediterranean, Art Deco, Asian Zen.

Customized elements for every environment

Your business’ exterior is the face of your brand. It’s the first thing your guests see as you welcome them making initial impressions very important. With an engaging, impactful exterior design, your guests will instantly know they are where they need to be.

Technology Leadership

Our team of professionals specializing in design, installation and sophisticated IT features and integrations are committed to providing a complete technology solution for your future generation of travelers while providing exemplary customer service that exceeds expectations.


We offer design, installation and configuration support services for all leading surveillance manufacturers. Our Video Content Analytics platform powered by Briefcam drives exponential value from your surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. The unique fusion of VIDEO SYNOPSIS® and deep learning solutions enable rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights. BriefCam’s embedded operational intelligence platform utilizes the extracted and aggregated video metadata such as men, women, children, vehicles, size, color, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, enabling users to quantitatively analyze their video, derive actionable insights for data-driven safety, security, and operational decision making.


We offer premier DSX system with the help of a certified team.


We offer a complete back office helpdesk solution centered around the key areas of reducing risk and improving security, promoting productivity and performance through use of efficient and effective management of servers and helpdesk, and guiding IT strategy & business alignment.


We offer connectivity installation services to ensure your hotel guests connect smoothly and stay connected as they enjoy your property. Our services include fiber installation, ethernet drops, wireless mesh networking and internet service procurement and deployment.


Give your guests a great first impression with smart hotel rooms that prepare for their arrival the moment they check in. Your guests will be thrilled when they enter their rooms to artful uplighting that shows off the accommodations, relaxing music, and shades that have been drawn to display the view. Once settled in, guests can use the room’s touch screen to browse through scheduled events, peruse the hotel restaurant’s menu, and book a spa service – without even leaving the room!


Hosting a large group seminar or conference is easier than ever before with Crestron technology. Your guests will be impressed by the ease with which they can start their presentation and control the technologies in the room.


We offer design and installation of complete digital signage solutions. Digital signage is a dynamic and visually-attractive communication solution using large flat-panel display screens, digital LED billboards, or video walls. It leverages text, images, videos, and a wide range of dynamically updatable content for real-time communication. It is a visual communication solution that helps inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with customers, students, employees, and guests.


Data security hacks make headlines frequently, and with an increasing amount of sensitive data stored online, hotels need to ensure this data is stored securely to avoid a breach.

Additional services provided: fire alarm, wireless device charging, voice search for hotel rooms.

Business centers, workspace & conference rooms

VDBG has wide-ranging experience designing office space and business centers. With our expertise in fostering greater workflow and increased productivity through intelligent design, we aim to create inspiring and practical work environments for our clients. We understand effective use of space and the relationship between work and a functional yet positive atmosphere, and we take every detail into consideration with our designs. Your guests will be impressed by the ease with which they can start their presentation and control the technologies in the conference rooms.

Working remotely is increasingly becoming more common and with virtual meeting technology and real-time communication tools, remote work is more accessible than ever. Remote work teams are also very common, and companies rely on these tech tools for work when employees are travelling or solely work remotely. In this digital age, most people rely on their smartphones, from off-site work trainings and meetings to receiving important information such as their travel confirmations. As we build the infrastructure, our expert technology team will help us integrate the latest technology, digital programming, and software for smooth and effective communication for your business and practices.

Wellness on the road

Having the latest fitness trends and in-demand technology in mind will allow your guests to enjoy their vacation while working towards their health and wellness goals. Not only will we provide designs that are visually stunning and functional, but our robust informational technology team will integrate the most up to date technology and fitness programs your guests already know and love.


More than anything, hotel rooms should provide comfort, serenity, and a peaceful yet energizing escape. Trends, styles, and tastes are always evolving, and we understand the importance of remaining up to date without forgoing our client’s originality, design goals, and budget. Our accomplished design team knows how to put together a space that reflects any aesthetic as well as all design standards for both ground-up and conversion projects. Whether it’s incorporating organic design motifs for a soothing, joyful atmosphere or sleek design finishes for a modern look, we’ll guarantee a final result that your guests won’t forget.

Room Features
Lavatory & Kitchen designs

From the finest features and materials to the most cost-effective designs, we produce seamless and polished results without sacrificing quality. We combine the need for functional amenities and inspired design with our expert design team, incorporating the latest trends into an operational space. No matter the size or layout, we produce well-designed and fully equipped restroom and shower facilities in a range of design aesthetics from clean and modern to natural and airy.

Restaurants, cafés & bars

We know guest satisfaction is your greatest priority. Our design team knows how to create an environment that is welcoming and enjoyable for your guests but also allows for flow efficiency and limited disruption. With the pandemic requirements, businesses face the challenge of putting into effect the necessary protocols that keep everyone safe and healthy while also keeping their business operating smoothly. Through sensible and practical design, the exceptional services we provide allow for both.

Pool & Spa

Whether your guests are looking to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation after their long travels or just some pampering for the day, our team of design professionals will provide a unique, tranquil ambiance and a functional space for your guests to enjoy.

Here at VDBG, we design swimming pools that make the most effective use of space and appeal to every swimmer. We understand the challenges and the considerations needed to be taken in order to build safe, well-designed hotel swimming pools. As hotel swimming pools tend to be larger and have more use, they must be designed and built to the highest structural standard to meet these high demands. We work closely with our clients to make all adjustments regarding specifications, alterations, needs, and desired themes for both ground-up and conversion pool projects.

Behind the scenes
Hospitality storage solution and best practices

The heart of your business, your storage area, impacts your guests just as much as new carpets or sofas. With a desire to improve customer service, reduce the risk of staff injuries, and boost turnaround times, VDBG’s innovative solutions are always committed to re-thinking property storage areas to ensure business and operations are running at peak performance. We have established experience in producing modern warehouse and storage area designs for successful businesses with demanding logistics needs and will provide the same services for you.

Parking structures & solutions

We value innovation and are always finding new and improved solutions to make life easier. Our solar-powered car lift is perfect for efficient, functional parking solutions for businesses located in busier areas. It allows for vertical stacking of full-size vehicles and SUVs. This new generation of transportation infrastructure fully complies with all safety requirements, is wheelchair accessible, and includes a fail-proof control system. We continue to tackle the challenges of finding new solutions while always keeping next-generation and state-of-the-art products in mind.

Project renderings shown on this page are conceptual, created by VDBG and team members prior projects, and meant to illustrate expertise and capability only.