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Varisco Design Build Group stands as the foremost architecture firm in San Diego, California, delivering a diverse array of architectural services tailored to the specific needs of your project. Committed to excellence, boasting a history of awards and certifications, and equipped with expertise across various sectors, we emerge as your ultimate partner for exceptional design build services.


Comprehensive Design Build Services

When it comes to design build services in San Diego, California, Varisco Design Build Group emerges as the optimal choice. We take pride in our achievements and unwavering commitment to quality. Our professional team provides a range of design build services, ensuring accurate fulfillment of your project requirements with expertise.

Architectural Design

Our skilled architects meticulously consider elements such as form, function, materials, sustainability, and cultural context to craft unique and well-executed designs.

General Contracting

Taking charge of hiring subcontractors, procuring supplies, and overseeing the project's budget and timeline, among other responsibilities.

Integrated Design Build

Our construction and design teams collaborate from the early stages to foster teamwork, enhance productivity, and streamline communication.

Concept Development

Our process starts with thorough research, investigation, and brainstorming to generate a core concept that is the foundation for subsequent design stages.

Interior Design

Our architects concentrate on the interior layout, finishes, lighting, and other elements that elevate a space's overall ambiance and functionality.

Owners Agent

We act as the project owner's representative in scheduling, budgeting, and planning, offering our expertise to support informed decision-making by the owner.


Design Build Services In Every Sector

We specialize in various Design Build services, including:

Mixed Use Developments

We specialize in designing and constructing mixed-use developments, which combine residential, commercial, and retail space into a single project. This type of development is becoming increasingly popular as it allows people to live, work, and shop in the same area, making it more convenient and sustainable.

Healthcare Facilities

We are experienced in the design and construction of various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices. Varisco understands the unique needs of the healthcare industry and works closely with clients to create functional and patient-friendly facilities.

Commercial Buildings

We design and construct various commercial buildings, including office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. Varisco deeply understands the commercial real estate market and works with clients to create buildings that meet their specific needs.

Science & Technology Facilities

Varisco Design Build Group understands the complex needs of science and technology facilities, such as laboratories, research centers, and data centers. We work closely with clients to create facilities that are both functional and innovative.

Civic Buildings

Varisco Design Build Group designs and constructs civic buildings, such as schools, libraries, and government offices. Varisco understands the importance of these buildings to the communities they serve.


We design and construct various hospitality facilities, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants. We understand how important it is to make a space that is comfortable and inviting for guests and work with clients to create facilities that meet their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to Build your Dream Home with Us? We prize our Clients more than everything else. We strive to provide Quality Services to all our Clients on a Priority Basis. You are invited to join our Clients List

Design Build Services’ commitment to client satisfaction, sustainability, and quality sets them apart. Their personalized approach and transparent communication make them a preferred choice.

Yes, Design Build can be cost-effective due to its streamlined process and early collaboration, which helps identify potential issues before they escalate.

The duration of a construction project can vary depending on its size, complexity, and other factors. At Varisco Design Build Group, we strive to complete projects within the agreed-upon timeline while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We differentiate ourselves at Varisco Design Build Group through our holistic approach to design and building projects. We provide end-to-end solutions, from initial concept development to construction management, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Our emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart and enables us to deliver exceptional results.


Our clients love what we do! Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the magic of Adaptive Reuse with Varisco Design Build Group.

Robert made the entire process of remodeling my 3,000 square-foot medical office much easier. His attention to detail allowed me to focus on seeing patients and not having to deal with the headache of construction. He is very easy to work with and accommodating. He has great insight as to the location of exam rooms and fixtures. He designed my office to be very functional keeping with a good workflow. He took care of all the city permits and dealt with bidding various subcontractors. I have received numerous compliments from patients regarding the quality of the work, choice of interior colors, and finishes. I have recommended Robert to my colleagues.

Dan LaClient

I have been working with Robert Varisco of Varisco Design Build Group for a decade. Robert is the most innovative architectural designer that I have met in his field! He approaches each project with enthusiasm and renewed innovation geared specifically to the needs of the client. Robert is also very flexible. I have met architects in the past who really take personal offense if one of their ideas is not immediately accepted. Robert will work tirelessly to understand specifically what change may be required to more perfectly meet the needs of his clientele, always with an open and comfortable interchange with all involved with the project. With Varisco Design Build Company, clients can be assured that they will have a cohesive project from onset to completion as all parties are working toward a common goal for the client: to bring in the very best possible project , in the most reasonable time frame , with respect for the given budget.

Beverly StadlerClient

I am the Practice Manager for Dr. Emily Rekuc , owner of Caring for Women in La Quinta, Ca. I had the great pleasure of overseeing our build out and the entire team at Varisco Design Build Group was amazing! We had minimal knowledge about how to best use our space for an OB/GYN office. We knew the basics like exam rooms, reception area, waiting room etc., but Robert Varisco really made our new space come to life! He designed a functional office with a wonderful workflow, maximizing every square inch of the space. They worked within our budget, took care of all the detail work to save us time, and completed the project well within the promised "finished" date. The subcontractors they used were professional, clean, and did exceptional work. We felt like we were in good hands from start to finish. Very professional, communicative, and quality driven. We would highly recommend Varisco Design and Build Group for any project.

Marcie WaggonerClient

I've had the pleasure of working with Robert for over 10 years. His designs are beautiful with much attention paid to the details. As an architectural photographer I find his work inspirational and creative and just a joy to shoot. I would highly recommend him.

Martin KingClient

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